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Vallarta Gay Clinic’s IMPULSE Health & Fitness Program

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – The Vallarta Gay Clinic introduces its new health and fitness initiative, the “IMPULSE for a Conscious Wellness Lifestyle” program, coinciding with Pride Month. The program aims to catalyze positive changes in participants’ health and fitness routines, offering comprehensive support from a team including a nutritionist, fitness trainer, psychologist, and accountability coach within a medically supervised framework.

Led by Dr. Edgarh Saldate, the clinic’s newest physician specializing in nutrition and chiropractic care, IMPULSE tailors nutrition and exercise plans to individual medical histories and conditions. Ismael Rossi, the clinical director, addresses participants’ barriers or challenges.

Both are also fitness buffs and have incorporated exercise routines and healthy eating habits into their personal lives. They are both strong advocates for healthy living, yet have tremendous compassion for those who may be struggling with issues preventing them from achieving success in these areas.

Robert Schley, the administrative director, serves as the accountability coach, conducting weekly coaching calls. Samuel Sadaju, a local personal trainer, provides expertise in practical fitness techniques and calisthenics to ensure safe and effective workouts.

You’ll also be invited to join with other program participants in directed social activities to help create a sense of camaraderie and support on your new path.

Interested VGC members can schedule a complimentary introductory appointment, a service typically priced at $1500 pesos, to evaluate their suitability for the program. Due to limited enrollment capacity, prospective participants are encouraged to join early to embark on a journey towards lifestyle transformation at Vallarta Gay Clinic.

Located at #379 Lazaro Cardenas street in Zona Romantica, Vallarta Gay Clinic specializes in primary care and diagnostic medicine, emotional care, specialized LGBT care, and geriatric care. For more information, please call 322-108-2559 or visit VallartaGayClinic.com.

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