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Waters of Banderas Bay are Suitable for Recreational Activities

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico – According to the seawater monitoring carried out by the Department of Biological Sciences of the University of Guadalajara Puerto Vallarta Campus, Centro Universitario de la Costa (CUCosta), the waters of Banderas Bay are suitable for recreational activities during the Semana Santa and Pascua vacation period.

Although it is a natural phenomenon during the spring season, the waters have been under constant analysis due to the algal blooms that have occurred in recent decades in the Bay.

“There are no events (algal blooms or red tides) so far, there is no record of toxic species, so people can enjoy the ocean on these vacations,” said María del Carmen Cortés Lara, professor and researcher at CUCosta.

However, the researcher recommended that “if at any given time you see a different shade or discoloration in the sea water, do not go swimming, because there are people who are susceptible to this type of algae. If by chance you see dead fish, don’t eat them, don’t give them to the animals either, just enjoy the bay because of the favorable climate conditions”.

She stressed that, thanks to the constant monitoring that is carried out, it can be determined whether or not there is a risk to health when swimming in the waters of the Bay.

“We normally have growth of algal blooms, but they are good, they provide food for the fish, for the larvae, and for many other organisms. But, during the Spring season, sometimes there are some red tide events, which are also algal blooms, which is their correct name, but at the moment they have gone out to sea. We continue to monitor and, currently, there is no extraordinary event,” she explained.

“We have a divine, precious Bay. And yes, right now the conditions are very pleasant for enjoying it. Perhaps the water is considered warm for people who come from very, very cold climates, but, for others, it is still a bit cold, it is between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius (72-75°F) on average,” Cortés Lara said.

Even though there have been two algae blooms in the bay so far this year, they have not been harmful. That is, they have not been toxic or been a danger to people, so you can enjoy the ocean and the natural wonders of Puerto Vallarta, she concluded.

Source: Contra Línea

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