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Alaska Airlines Launches New Direct Flight from Vegas to Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – In a festive celebration marking the 35th anniversary of Alaska Airlines, company directors confirmed the launch of an exciting venture – a new direct flight from Las Vegas, Nevada, to the Puerto Vallarta International Airport. Commencing on December 14, the service is scheduled to operate four times a week.

Alaska Airlines, already a prominent player in the region with flights originating from Seattle, San José, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, aims to enhance connectivity and cater to the growing demand from U.S. tourists.

Miguel Arreola, the station manager of Alaska Airlines in Puerto Vallarta, expressed his enthusiasm, emphasizing the uniqueness of their direct flight from Las Vegas. “The expectation is very good, and the airport gives us a lot of support. We will work with the Tourism Department to ensure the continued interest of U.S. tourists in Vallarta,” he stated.

Highlighting the airline’s commitment to collaboration, Arreola noted their excellent relationship with the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust, particularly with director Luis Villaseñor Nolasco. The cooperative efforts involve joint promotional activities to boost the destination’s allure, contributing to consistently high occupancy rates throughout the year.

California Market Expansion

Arreola outlined Alaska Airlines’ strategic objective to expand flights from the state of California, a natural market for Vallarta. “Eighty percent of the flights we operate from California are to Latin America, primarily to Mexico and, consequently, to Vallarta,” he explained.

While Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos currently stand out as the destinations with the highest number of flight frequencies, Arreola emphasized that, in terms of occupancy, Puerto Vallarta is on par with its counterpart. Looking ahead to 2024, he disclosed the airline’s projections for increased flights, attributing the positive outlook to growing demand and client preferences.

“The American tourist is viewing Vallarta as something very different from what they are seeking in Los Cabos. It speaks very well of us that people consistently return as visitors, and this is a testament to the excellent service that both the airline and the destination offer,” he concluded.

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