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AMLO: Islas Marías Will Open to Tourism Before Christmas

Mexico City – President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced this week that he will inaugurate the first phase of the Islas Marías ecotourism complex on Friday, December 16.

“There is very good news: over the weekend, the Marías Islands are going to be opened for tourism – it is called exploration. It is important that it be known that by the end of this year, before Christmas I think, it will be possible [for tourists] to go to the mother island, to Isla María,” he pointed out.

In a morning press conference, he explained that the Islas Marías Museum is ready to receive visitors. He likewise concluded the modernization of streets and restoration of houses.

In addition, the Government of Mexico is developing air and sea routes with the purpose of bringing tourism closer to this site that will be administered by the Secretary of the Navy.

“There are going to be flights and also ferries that you can board in San Blas. It is probable that there will soon be access from Mazatlán (…) they already have ferries, (…) looking [to provide] access, two ferries [with capacity] for more than 200 passengers were bought to go from the coast to the Islands,” he pointed out.

The Islas Marías, made up of María Madre, María Magdalena and María Cleofas, he said, represent culture and history after housing the most feared prison in the history of Mexico.

“Exceptional characters were imprisoned there, José Revueltas, who wrote the book Muros de Agua, which has to do with the Marías Islands, was imprisoned there. For more background, to draw your attention, we are talking about the prison, the most famous prison in the history of Mexico. So on Friday we inaugurate the site. We are going to embark in San Blas (Nayarit), from there we are going to Isla María Madre,” he said.

The President reiterated that the federation promotes development on the coasts of Nayarit and Jalisco with the aim of letting more families know the cultural greatness of Mexico.

Source: lopezobrador.org.mx

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