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Benito the Giraffe Starts New Life in Puebla Animal Park

Puebla, Mexico – After enduring a year of isolation in a dusty park in Ciudad Juarez, Benito the giraffe has finally arrived at his new home: a sprawling 7.5-acre savanna nestled within the Africam Safari animal park in Puebla. Now comes the hard part for the gangly 4-year-old: fitting in with the crowd of seven giraffes, including three females, in his new neighborhood.

Benito’s solitary confinement in Ciudad Juarez sparked concern among animal advocates, ultimately prompting his relocation. This transition coincides with a crucial stage in his development – the cusp of adulthood. For giraffes, as with many other species, navigating social dynamics becomes increasingly important during this phase.

While Benito currently resides in a tall-roofed medical evaluation room, his keepers are eager to introduce him to the herd. “He has been alone for a long time,” acknowledged Frank Carlos Camacho, director of Africam Safari. “Introducing him will require a delicate approach, but we’re confident our stable herd will welcome him.”

Camacho emphasized that Benito’s successful integration hinges largely on his own receptiveness. “It all depends on how he interacts with the herd,” he explained.

With the park aiming to move Benito out to meet his new companions within the next couple of days, this transition signifies a hopeful chapter in Benito’s life, providing him with the opportunity to thrive in the company of his fellow giraffes.

Benito’s story serves as a powerful testament to the enduring resilience of wild animals and the crucial role sanctuaries play in safeguarding their welfare. As he embarks on this new chapter, the watchful eyes of his keepers and the well wishes of countless supporters will be with him every step of the way.

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