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Brenda Gavino’s ‘Linda Ronstadt: Unplugged’ a Remarkable Tribute

Puerto Vallara, Mexico – Linda Ronstadt is one of music’s most beloved singers. Her career spanned decades and her voice flawlessly covered many genres of music from Country, Rock, Opera, and Broadway to Mexican Mariachi. Linda could sing it all like a pro. Every album release was highly anticipated by her fans and solidified her career as a number #1 artist.

I remember seeing Linda perform at the Santa Maria Fairgrounds (California) in the early 90’s during her Mariachi Tour and was gobsmacked by her talent. The final time I heard her was at Humphrey’s By the Bay in San Diego about 12 years ago and her voice was just as fabulous as ever. As we all know, Linda has retired from the music biz, but her music lives on.

Thursday evening, I caught Brenda Gaviño’s Linda Ronstadt–Unplugged at Act2PV’s Casa Karma Red Room and was pleased to discover that Brenda’s talent measured up to the legend. Brenda was accompanied by musicians on guitar and keyboard as she captured the essence and emotion of each song. It was truly an amazing tribute performance!

Brenda Gaviño is a rising star in Puerto Vallarta’s music scene. She has produced and performed many quality shows at ACT2PV and has toured Canada with a popular Puerto Vallarta musical group. Brenda was the runner-up in the worldwide singing competition, Karaoke World Championship in 2022. She is a former vocal performer at Puerto Vallarta’s renowned Rhythms of the Night show and a former lead singer at El Cuervo de Poe. She also recently co-hosted The Grand Finale of the So You Think You Can Rise Talent Competition at Teatro Vallarta, with an audience of over 800 people.

During Brenda’s fantastic Linda Ronstadt tribute we heard favorites like Silver Threads & Golden Needles, Poor Poor Pitiful Me, It’s So Easy, Faithless Love, Crazy, When I Fall in Love, It Doesn’t Matter Anymore, Just One Look, Long Long Time Desperado, Blue Bayou, Heat Wave, You’re No Good and a great selection of Ronstadt’s Marachi music.

With gorgeous costumes to accompany her performance, Brenda Gaviño dazzled us with her spectacular performance and gave us an even deeper appreciation for the music and the life of this legend. She noted the 2019 Linda Ronstadt documentary as an inspiration for her show.

Experience this remarkable tribute to the legendary Linda Ronstadt, often hailed as the “Queen of Rock” and crowned the Top Female Pop Singer of the 1970s, as Act2PV presents Brenda Gaviño, an exceptionally talented performer, channeling the spirit of Linda Ronstadt’s timeless music.

Brenda Gaviño possesses a remarkable resemblance to the young Linda Ronstadt, coupled with a mesmerizing, crystal-clear voice, an infectious smile, and powerful vocals, making her the ideal artist to pay homage to this iconic figure. More than just a tribute – Brenda’s show is an emotional journey straight from the heart.

Backed by the extraordinary guitarist Paul Lions Sellerie and Fernando Uribe on keyboards, guitar and percussion, Brenda entertains you with her undeniable talent and unwavering passion for Ronstadt’s iconic music. You’ll be swept away as she performs Linda Ronstadt–UnPlugged on Thursdays at 7 pm during March at The Casa Karma Red Room.

Brenda has created a Spanish language show, Canciones de mi Padre. This show is unique in its style and will take you on a colorful ride through the most traditional music of Mexico! With songs from Ronstadt’s famous album, “Canciones de mi Padre” (as well as some other Mexican masterpieces) and a LIVE MARIACHI BAND, this show happens on Thursday, March 14 at 7:00 pm at Act2PV.

“Brenda Gaviño is not Linda Ronstadt ~ legendary as is that lady ~ she sings songs made famous by Linda, but her Mexican spirit infuses the music with fire and passion that are unique. Her voice has a great range, and she sings many styles… Linda Ronstadt Unplugged is a great tribute but is also a celebration of Latin music. These musicians are as fine as any… Brenda appears also in Best of Broadway…” – TripAdvisor Review

Act2PV is located at the corner of Basilio Badillo and Insurgentes in Zona Romantica. If you have questions, please send an email to info(at)act2pv.com. For more information about shows, or to buy tickets, check out their website or go to the box office, now open 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm daily.

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