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Mercado Río Cuale Vendors Set Up Shop in Parque Hidalgo

As of today, Wednesday, September 15, almost 60 merchants from the Río Cuale market have 'set up shop' at Parque Hidalgo in downtown Puerto Vallarta. This relocation is temporary while the damage the market suffered, due to the overflowing of the river after the passage of Hurricane Nora, is being repaired.

Puerto Vallarta Expecting Over 1,300 Flights This Month

According to the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Promotion and Advertising Trust, more than 1,300 flights are expected to arrive at the Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport during September, thanks to the operations of six national and nine international airlines.

Jalisco Government Says “NO” to National Holidays

Despite the fact that Covid-19 maintains a downward trend in Jalisco, Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, through an official letter, has instructed the 125 municipalities in the state to cancel all national holiday celebrations that would bring together crowds of people.

Less Than 1,000 Hospitalized for Covid-19 in Jalisco

According to data from the Jalisco Health Secretariat, the number of Covid-19 hospitalizations continues to decline, and the downward trend has now been on course for three weeks. This weekend there were just 912 Covid patients being treated in public hospitals throughout the state.

SEAPAL Continues to Restore Infrastructure Damaged by Nora

SEAPAL Vallarta continues with the work of recovering the infrastructure damaged by Hurricane Nora, gradually advancing in the task of normalizing the drinking water supply in neighborhoods throughout the city. The agency urges those in areas that have water to ration so other neighborhoods can recover their supply faster.

Govt. Says No Structural Damage to Mercado Río Cuale

The vendors at Puerto Vallarta's Municipal Market, who were affected by the flooding of the Cuale River due to Hurricane Nora, may temporarily relocate to Parque Hidalgo while repairs are being made to the building, which authorities say did not suffer structural damage, and therefore will not be demolished.

Teamwork Makes Vallarta One of Mexico’s Safest Cities

Over the last six years, Puerto Vallarta has managed to remain one of the safest cities in the country, as a result of the teamwork of the municipal government, led by Jorge Quintero Alvarado, and the coordination that prevails with different local, state and federal authorities.

Tourists Continue to Enjoy Vallarta – Despite Nora

Despite the damaging effects Hurricane Nora had on parts of the city, tourism has not stopped in Puerto Vallarta, where last weekend's hotel occupancy registered 56% on Friday, 58% on Saturday and 46% on Sunday, according to data from the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Promotion and Advertising Trust.

Nora: Governor Declares State of Emergency in Jalisco

On Friday, Jalisco State Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez sent a declaration of emergency to Mexico's Ministry of the Interior, citing 18 municipalities in the state that suffered damages caused by Hurricane Nora. The damages are estimated to exceed 350 million pesos, at least 150 million of which are in Puerto Vallarta.

Insurgentes Street Bridge Won’t Reopen Until December

According to local news reports, reconstruction of the Insurgentes street bridge, which connects El Centro with the Romantic Zone, and collapsed after the passing of Hurricane Nora caused the Rio Cuale to overflow, will take between 3 and 4 months to complete.
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