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SETAC Leading the Charge in Puerto Vallarta on World AIDS Day

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – December 1st marks World AIDS Day, a global initiative bringing attention to the ongoing battle against HIV-related stigma and the collective effort to eliminate this public health threat. In Puerto Vallarta, SETAC, a non-profit community and wellness center, stands out as a beacon of support for the LGBTQ+ community, offering essential services for 14 years.

This year, World AIDS Day carries the theme “Let communities lead,” emphasizing the vital role of communities in the HIV response. SETAC, in alignment with this theme, has been a key player in providing essential prevention, testing, and treatment support services in Puerto Vallarta and the greater Banderas Bay area since 2009. The center has actively worked to build trust, generate innovative solutions, promote health, and monitor policy implementation.

To commemorate World AIDS Day, SETAC is offering free rapid testing for HIV, Syphilis, and Hepatitis B & C at Parque Lazaro Cardenas from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. While the tests are free, SETAC encourages donations to continue their crucial work in the community, which includes free counseling, testing, treatments, and referrals for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, offered without prejudice or discrimination.

In addition, SETAC has been driving change through the ImPrEP program, benefiting over 600 users since 2018. This strategic initiative focuses on prevention and immediate access to treatment, breaking barriers in the fight against HIV. Notably, the PrEP program at SETAC is open to both nationals and foreigners with temporary or permanent resident cards. Psic. Abraham Bahena Castro, leading the PrEP program at SETAC, invites those interested to contact 322-182-9097 for more information on participating in this crucial initiative.

As the world unites on World AIDS Day, SETAC’s commitment exemplifies the power of communities leading the charge, fighting stigma, and envisioning a future where HIV is no longer a public health threat in Puerto Vallarta and beyond.

Located at Aldanaca 178 4A & 4B, in the Colonia Versalles of neighborhood of Puerto Vallarta, SETAC is a non-profit community and wellness center whose mission is to reduce HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in the greater Banderas Bay area. Free counseling, testing, treatments and referrals for HIV and other sexual transmitted illness are just some of the free services SETAC provides to the entire population, without prejudice or discrimination. For more information, follow SETAC on Facebook, visit the website, call: 322-224-1974, text via Whatsapp: 322-108-9066 or email: contacto(at)setac.com.mx.

Click HERE to learn more about Centro Comunitario SETAC.

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