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Mexican Revolution Day History

Mexico has a number of Fiestas Patrias, and the one coming up next is the celebration of the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution. Although the Revolution began on November 20, 1910, it's now officially celebrated on the third Monday of November, which this year falls on the 18th.

Mexico Marijuana Legalization Deadline

Mexico's Supreme Court gave Congress another 6 months to approve legislation that legalizes cannabis, postponing the deadline until the end of April. The court made its ruling on Nov 1, the last day legislators had to adjust the articles of the law deemed unconstitutional.

Mexico to Strengthen Trade with China

Mexico's Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development, Victor Villalobos Arambula, will travel to China this month to sign pending protocols for the export of blackberries and other agro products, and to negotiate the export of Persian lime, Jalisco avocado, oranges, and grapefruit.

Mexico City Trick Eye Museum

There's no doubt that social media is changing the world. With posts and stories, retweets and likes, our personal lives are less private than ever. And that's having an effect on business, particularly in Mexico, where one new venture views smartphones as a requirement.

Mexico Pledges to Protect US Visitors

Juarez officials are expecting more than 60,000 out-of-town drivers to cross the US-Mexico border in the next two months, as Mexican-Americans head south to visit relatives for the holidays. Mexican officials on Friday pledged to make the journey as painless as possible for the travelers.

Mexico Plans Nuevo Leon Urban Viaduct

The Mexican government has confirmed financing for a 7.9km urban viaduct over the Santa Catarina river in Nuevo León state. The 4.8bn-peso project is the first of five that the government included in an 18.9bn-peso (US$251mn) investment plan for current highway concessions.

Mexico Marijuana Legalization Delayed

Citing 'unprecedented' pressure from companies trying to influence Mexico's cannabis legislation, voting on a bill to legalize marijuana - including its recreational use - will be delayed. The Senate has asked for an extension to the Supreme Court's deadline to finalize the bill.

El Buen Fin Mexicos Black Friday

Tens of thousands of businesses throughout Mexico will be offering discounts from November 15-18 during El Buen Fin, a nationwide shopping event inspired by Black Friday in the US. Over these 4 days, special promotions, discounts & payment plans, will be offered in-store and online.

Mexico Teens Enter Robotics Competition

Nine teenagers from Mexico participated in the FIRST Global Challenge 2019, an international robotics competition held in Dubai, that brought together over 1,500 students from 191 countries to develop robots to clean up the millions of tons of pollutants in the oceans today.

Mexican Congress Wants Tourist Tax Hike

The lower house of Congress has approved hikes to two taxes that foreigners pay to enter Mexico, triggering criticism from business groups that are urging the Senate to vote against them. If passed, tourists would be required to pay a total of 1265 MXN ($66 USD) to visit the country.
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