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Current Covid Protocols Will Continue Per Jalisco Governor

“The same measures that are in force today, will continue in the coming weeks”; though Alfaro assures that the trend of contagions is going down.

Despite the fact that Jalisco went from yellow to orange on the national epidemiological traffic light, Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez assured that no different decisions will be taken than those currently in force.

Questioned by the media, after the update of the federal traffic light, which went into effect yesterday, the governor said that there will be no changes in the strategy and that, on the contrary, there is already a downward trend in the number of infections.

“The indicators that show us that the number of infections has stabilized, that there is already a slight downward trend, as well as in the number of hospitalizations. So, the color of the traffic light is an issue that is taken into account, but it does not imply, from the perspective of the Board of Health, that we need to take new measures… for the time being”, said the Governor.

He also pointed out that it is good news that 100% of the students in Jalisco, at all educational levels, have already returned to the classrooms, which is why he encouraged parents to join this dynamic that, up to now, has not triggered the number of contagions.

“Thus, Jalisco will once again face a scenario that has not been seen since August 2021.”

Source: Vallarta Independiente

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