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Mexico Clocks Fall Back Oct 25 2020

While the U.S. won't be 'falling back' until November 1, 2020, Daylight Saving Time officially ends for most of Mexico at 2:00 am on Sunday, October 25th. If you are here in Puerto Vallarta, be sure to set your clocks back one hour before going to bed on Saturday night.

Jaliscienses to Compete in IOI 2021

Two students from the state of Jalisco won the Mexican Informatics Olympiad and are now preparing to compete in the world's most prestigious computer science competition for high school students, the 2021 International Olympiad in Informatics, to be held in Singapore.

IKEA Opens Online Store in Mexico

Delays in construction have put the 23,000-square-meter store that IKEA plans to open in Mexico City on hold, but the Swedish furniture and home accessories retailer has opened its doors online, and is offering 18 categories of goods for home delivery.

Apple Pay May Soon Launch in Mexico

While neither Apple Inc. nor any Mexican financial institutions have made an official announcement, a new page on Apple's Mexico website details Apple Pay, suggesting that the country is finally about to get the mobile payment system.

Jalisco Continues To Create New Jobs

In the complicated economic environment caused by the pandemic, Jalisco managed to create 11,165 new jobs during the month of September, putting it in third place nationwide for formal job creation, according to figures from the Mexican Institute of Social Security.

Mexico Moves Towards Marijuana Legalization

Mexico's Supreme Court (SCJN), which in 2018 ruled that laws forbidding the use of marijuana are unconstitutional, has given lawmakers until December 15, 2020 to draft new legislation for the recreational use and commercialization of cannabis.

Covid Numbers Could Shut Down Jalisco

In a video message posted to social media on Monday, Jalisco Governor Enrique Alfaro warned that stricter restrictions on economic activities could be imposed if the number of new coronavirus cases continues to increase as it has over the past two weeks.

AMLO Announces New Airport for Tulum

On October 1, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced that as part of the actions to boost the economy in the south of the country, a new airport will be built in Tulum, Quintana Roo, one of the entities through which the Mayan Train will pass.

GM Celebrates 85 Years in Mexico

General Motors is celebrating 85 years of operations in Mexico, where the company was a pioneer in the automotive sector when it was first established in 1935. During the last eight and a half decades, GM Mexico has produced more than 15 million vehicles and almost 30 million engines.

Mexico Record Trade Surplus August

Mexico registered its third consecutive monthly trade surplus in August, Mexico's National Statistics Institute said Monday. The country's $6.12 billion trade surplus was a record for the month of August, with imports totaling $30.86 billion and exports totaling $36.98 billion.
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