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Christmastime Magical in Mexico

Christmastime is a magical time to be in Mexico. Mexican Christmas customs are an eclectic mixture of the old and the new, including elements from Europe, traditions developed in Mexico, and, in recent years, festive holiday trimmings from the United States.

Mexico Christmas Plant Poinsettia

No flower says Christmas like the poinsettia, but do you ever wonder where the beautiful perennial we call the 'Christmas Plant' got its start? With the Christmas season here, and red floral displays everywhere, you may like to know the origin of this very intriguing plant.

Mexico Minimum Wage Increase Jan 1 2020

The Mexican government, labor and business sectors last week agreed to raise the daily minimum wage by 20% in 2020, the second consecutive major increase aimed at restoring the purchasing power of the country's lowest earners. As of January 1, minimum wage will be 123.22 Pesos a day.

Cortes Anchors Found Gulf of Mexico

Anchors that may have belonged to the ships of Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés were found off the coast of Villa Rica, just north of the port city of Veracruz, Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) announced on Monday.

World’s 1st 3D-printed Village Mexico

New Story, a non-profit pioneering solutions to end global homelessness, in partnership with ICON construction technologies & Mexico-based ÉCHALE, are creating the world's first 3D-printed village in Tabasco, Mexico. The first set of homes was unveiled Dec. 11.

GAP to Invest US1bn in Mexican Airports

Airport operator Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico will invest 24bn pesos (US$1.2bn) to expand 12 Mexican airports in the next five years. Among the most important projects are new terminal buildings at the Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta International Airports.

Mexico Healthy Police Program

According to national statistics, three-quarters of adults in Mexico are overweight or obese. Since Mexico City's 83,000-member police force is not immune to the problem, authorities have launched the 'Healthy Police' program, which pays overweight officers to slim down.

Benefits of Climate Action Mexico

The Government of Mexico has published a report that quantifies co-benefits of implementing the climate agenda in coordination with its sustainable development agenda. The report measures the social, economic & environmental benefits of climate action in various sectors.

UNESCO Report Mexico Education Progress

UNESCO's 4th Global Report on Adult Learning and Education spotlights Mexico for progress made in improving access to education. The country was particularly commended for its efforts to reach remote areas, by offering classes in indigenous languages across 8 states.

Mexican Mayor Orders 15 Cybertrucks

Deliveries of the Tesla Cybertruck won't begin before late 2021 but, with a reserve price of just US $100, the California company has already received pre-orders for more than 250,000 units. It turns out 15 of these come from the mayor of Ciudad Valles in San Luis Potosí, Mexico.
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