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Dogs Sniff Out Covid in Yucatan Mexico

Merida, Yucatan, Mexico – Yucatan has two new weapons in the fight against Covid-19: Hocky and Kadet are German shepherds specially trained to detect cases of the disease based on smell.

The dogs are now part of the K-9 unit of the state’s Ministry of Public Security (SSP).

Hocky and Kadet were born in Poland and Slovenia but trained in a special program in San Antonio, Texas, said Yucatan Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal.

There, they learned a new technique designed by French doctor Dominique Grandjean in which the dogs detect Covid-positive patients by smelling their underarm sweat. Studies show that the technique is 95% effective.

Hocky and Kadet were selected from a program in San Antonio (Photo: Yucatan State Government)

The new K-9 unit members were acquired as part of a transfer of gear and resources from the U.S. Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), arranged through the U.S. consulate in Merida.

The INL also provided the Yucatan SSP with canine instructor training, five Ford Explorers modified for canine transportation, and eight dogs trained to detect drugs, weapons and paper money.

Originally published by Mexico News Daily with reports from Infobae.

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