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Guadalajara Airport Soars Towards Completion of Expansion Project

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico – The Guadalajara International Airport’s second runway is scheduled to open in May 2024, marking significant progress in its five-year expansion and renovation project (2020-2024). This project, representing a 15 billion peso investment (half of Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico’s total five-year investment across its 12 Mexican airports), aims to solidify Guadalajara’s position as the West’s leading aviation hub.

To accommodate future growth, a dedicated general aviation area has also been constructed. This expansive zone boasts a 114,000-square-meter platform, exceeding the size of many Mexican commercial airports. The general aviation area also features its own control center, an air force base, and hangars for government agencies.

The project also includes a terminal building renovation slated for completion in the first half of 2024. This includes a revamped layout to enhance passenger flow and upgrades to critical services like telescopic walkways.

Additionally, a mixed-use building featuring a Hilton Garden Inn and a second phase of parking expansion is scheduled to be operational this month. The remaining works, including road improvements and building facade enhancements, will be finalized by December 2024.

Airport director Martín Pablo Zazueta stressed that with the new infrastructure, the Guadalajara airport will consolidate itself as the airport hub in the West of the country.

“Guadalajara has the opportunity, without a doubt, to consolidate itself as the hub of the West, we already are in many aspects, but we must have the capacity to take advantage of the opportunity to deconcentrate traffic at the Mexico City airport.

Construction of a second terminal, envisioned under the “Guadalajara Plan,” will be addressed in the next five-year investment plan due to separate funding requirements.

Upon full project completion, the Guadalajara International Airport’s operational capacity will nearly double. The new runway will allow for 60-61 operations per hour, significantly increasing the airport’s ability to handle air traffic. Moreover, the overall passenger capacity is expected to rise from 35 million to 40 million annually.

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