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Indigenous Peoples Exhibition at Lázaro Cárdenas Park

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – On August 9th, the International Day of Indigenous Peoples, the President of DIF Puerto Vallarta, María de Jesús López Delgado, inaugurated a week-long event at Lázaro Cárdenas Park, honoring the cultural essence of indigenous communities.

The opening ceremony was highlighted by a Wixarica ritual brimming with mysticism, expressing gratitude to the earth. A pre-Hispanic dance, originating to reveal the magical essence of nature, was also performed. The event featured an exhibition of handicrafts and herbal products, showcasing the beauty and health practices of the Wixarica, Triqui, Otomi, Mixteca, Zapoteca, Totonaca, Yaqui, and Purépecha peoples. DIF authorities emphasized the importance of preserving, honoring, and sharing the cultural significance of these communities.

María de Jesús López highlighted the role of the “Indigenous Groups” program within DIF Vallarta, underlining the commitment to eradicating discrimination and celebrating the unique cultural identity of each ethnic group. The program not only promotes individual and collective rights but also provides a wide array of support services, including nutritional aid, counseling, workshops, and exhibition management.

César Venegas Arceo, Deputy Director of Programs and Assistance Centers, reaffirmed the institution’s dedication to President María de Jesús López’s vision. He encouraged both local residents and tourists to come out to Lazaro Cardenas park and engage with the history and traditions of the indigenous groups that continue to thrive in the municipality. Visitors also have the opportunity to support these communities by purchasing traditional crafts and learning valuable skills such as crafting ‘Ojos de Dios’ and utilizing various herbal products.

The artisanal and herbal exhibition will be open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm through August 13, in line with President María de Jesús López Delgado’s directive to foster inclusive and respectful participation. This initiative aims to promote equal engagement and regenerate the social fabric of Puerto Vallarta, benefiting residents and visitors alike.

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