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Key Infrastructure Projects on the Horizon for Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico – Jalisco Governor-elect Pablo Lemus and Puerto Vallarta Mayor-elect Luis Munguía, despite representing different political parties, recently came together to discuss crucial infrastructure projects for the city.

Their meeting underscored a commitment to collaboration for the benefit of the people of Vallarta. The leaders identified three major areas of focus:

First, they plan to construct a new pier in the city’s historic center, near the Rosita Hotel. This addition aims to improve accessibility and potentially boost tourism in the downtown area.

Second, a modern roundabout will be developed at the Las Juntas intersection to address traffic congestion. The construction of this ‘rode node’ will ensure a smoother flow and less time spent behind the wheel.

Finally, the construction of the long-awaited Federación Bridge, which will connect Puerto Vallarta to Bahía de Banderas, will receive the attention it deserves under this collaborative leadership.

“I had a very cordial meeting with Luis Ernesto Munguía, mayor-elect of Puerto Vallarta and former president of the Green Party in Jalisco. We agreed on the route to make the main projects that Puerto Vallarta needs in the coming years a reality,” said Lemus.

In addition to these specific projects, Lemus emphasized a joint effort to tackle the water shortage issue that plagues several neighborhoods, particularly those on the outskirts of the city. This focus on a broader infrastructure need suggests a commitment to improving the overall quality of life for Puerto Vallarta residents.

The collaboration between Lemus and Munguía promises significant improvements for Puerto Vallarta. By addressing both specific infrastructural needs and a broader challenge like water access, they aim to create a more vibrant and livable city.

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