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LOCA PV Gives Back to Quimixto Students

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Ladies Outdoor Club Adventures PV, a popular outdoor tour and social group founded by Sylvie Scopazzo of Tours de Jour Mexico, helped some local children from Quimixto with a special start to the school year.

The L.O.C.A.s, as the group is affectionately nicknamed, meet regularly for scheduled activities that help women traveling or living in Puerto Vallarta discover new places and experiences while making friends and networking. Quimixto is an often-visited site for L.O.C.A. adventures, as this friendly little fishing village is a great place for hiking to the waterfalls, swimming, snorkeling and making friends with the locals.

With a history of supporting local non-profit organizations including CANICA A.C., a charity which helps families of children battling cancer, Sylvie Scopazzo was inspired by the back-to-school season and the children of Quimixto.

“Quimixto is one of the friendliest places you can imagine and it’s always a treat to pass by the elementary school at recess and see all the kids playing and waving,” says Scopazzo, “a big part of L.O.C.A. is about empowerment – for women to feel confident to explore, to challenge themselves, to meet new people – and the first step in empowerment is always education. So, giving these kids from a lower-income town a step up to help start the school year and get them excited about going back to school felt like a great fit.”

And the L.O.C.A.s did not disappoint. With a special Nature Walk for School Supplies outing, they raised $10,000 Pesos to purchase new school supplies for the children of Quimixto, preparing them with all the materials needed for a fresh year of learning.

“Thank you to all of the incredible women that participated so generously and to the staff at Woolworth’s, which happens to be a Mexican-owned business, for helping the L.O.C.A.s make this happen,” said Scopazzo. “It was truly amazing to be able to give something back to this beautiful community that is always so welcoming to us. It was a great day and hopefully something that we will make an annual tradition.”

To learn more about the Ladies Outdoor Club Adventures PV, click HERE, or visit the L.O.C.A.PV Facebook page.

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