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Meet the Final Contestant for ‘What a Drag’ 2024 – David Jones

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico – In an electrifying display of solidarity and courage, straight men are gearing up to perform their dazzling drag personas for this year’s edition of What A Drag. Each week, the spotlight shines on a fearless contestant as they prepare to compete for the prestigious title of “Miss What A Drag,” embodying the essence of drag performance with grace, style, and humor.

This week, we introduce David Jones, proudly sponsored by Ryan Donner and Associates Real Estate. David’s Fairy Drag Mother is Christopher DeAnde. Christopher and his husband have lived in Puerto Vallarta full-time since 2018. Christopher has experience in the Los Angeles theater scene both in acting and directing capacities. While in Vallarta, Christopher has leant his creative talents to many local performers, and charitable events.

David’s hair, wardrobe, and makeup will be done by Vancie Vega. Vancie is an American singer, dancer, comedian. With a career spanning four decades, she has traveled the high seas of gay cruising and had acclaimed runs in both Provincetown & Puerto Vallarta.

Originally from Seoul, Korea, David’s linguistic prowess extends to Japanese, Spanish, and English. His chosen drag name, Meg Benedict, pays homage to a woman he once met, whose name he believed was perfect for a drag name. When asked why he volunteered to participate in What a Drag, David enthusiastically volunteered for WAD due to his alignment with its supported causes, including domestic violence, planned parenthood, and various women’s rights issues.

What prompted the choice of Puerto Vallarta? David and his wife, Melissa, residing in Denver with full-time careers, sought a location that combined water and mountains. Melissa, originally from Minnesota and accustomed to lakeside living, desired such an environment. With both having visited PV for 3 decades, it seamlessly matched their criteria, making it an ideal destination.

Beyond its role as a celebration of diversity and inclusion, What A Drag stands as a vital fundraising platform for the Casa Esperanza Women’s Shelter. All proceeds from this spectacular event will directly benefit the shelter, providing much-needed support and refuge to women and children affected by domestic violence.

Tickets for this highly anticipated event are available now, offering attendees a chance to witness a remarkable showcase of courage and talent while supporting a noble cause. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this extraordinary evening filled with glitz, glamour, humor, and heartfelt generosity. Get yours TODAY!

Please note that tickets will be available online until noon on the day of the show. A limited number of tickets will also be sold in front of Teatro Vallarta starting at 6:00 PM on the day of the event, with availability on a cash-only basis.

For those interested in further supporting What A Drag and Casa Esperanza through sponsorship, please contact Freda Thompson at fredafish(at)hotmail.com to explore available sponsorship levels and benefits.

Event Details:
Event: What A Drag
Date: Sunday, March 3, 2024
Time: 8:00 pm
Location: Teatro Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Tickets: From $850 – $2,250 Pesos, available at whatadragpv.com. All tickets include an open bar.

About The Casa Esperanza Women’s Shelter

Operated by Compassion for the Family Inc, a US 501c3 charitable organization, the Casa Esperanza Women’s Shelter provides beaten, emotionally abused and broken women and their children with a warm caring place to live, food, emotional counseling, nursing care, child care, child counseling, job training, life training and, most of all, a second chance at life – free of violence. When each of these women and their children are ready to embark on their new lives, they are provided with a minimum of six-month follow-up support. For more information, please visit CompassionForTheFamily.com.

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