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Mexico Suffers Multiple Heat Waves in May, More Expected in June

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – As May comes to an end, there have been three heat waves affecting most states in the country, including Jalisco. According to the National Meteorological System (SMN), the third heat wave will end on Tuesday, May 28. At least two more heat waves are expected in June, marking the end of the 2024 Heat Season.

Heat Waves Explained:

A heat wave is caused by high atmospheric pressures, known as anticyclonic pressures, which are semi-stationary systems located at mid-levels of the atmosphere over Mexico from March to July. These systems mostly occur during spring and early summer and create conditions favorable for heat waves.

Anticyclonic systems prevent cloud formation, leading to a low chance of rain, clear to partly cloudy skies, and higher temperatures. When these systems last for more than 3 to 5 days, they result in a heat wave.

Heatstroke and Sunburn Risks:

Excessive heat exposure can lead to sunstroke, characterized by cold, clammy skin, profuse sweating, dizziness, and rapid pulse. If encountered, move the individual to a cool, shaded area, apply cool cloths, and seek medical attention if symptoms persist after 24 hours.

Sunburn is another risk during heat waves. To prevent sunburn, it is important to apply sunscreen with SPF 50 multiple times a day on exposed skin. Sunburn can cause pain, burning, redness, and eventually peeling skin.

Staying Safe During Heat Waves:

  • Stay hydrated by consuming ample fluids.
  • Wear loose-fitting, lightweight clothing.
  • Limit sun exposure during peak hours (typically midday).
  • Wear hats and apply sunscreen.
  • Avoid strenuous outdoor activities.
  • Pay special attention to children, the elderly and people with chronic illnesses.

As we approach the end of May and anticipate more heat waves in June, it is vital to stay informed and prepared. By following safety guidelines and being mindful of the signs of heat-related illnesses, we can protect ourselves and our communities. Let’s stay cautious and ensure everyone’s well-being during this period of intense heat.

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