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‘Operation Breathalyzer’ Underway in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – The Municipal Government of Puerto Vallarta announced that, with the aim of preventing automobile accidents during the Semana Santa and Pascua vacation period, “Operation Breathalyzer” is currently underway in the city.

The Road Police (La Policía Vial) are in charge of the checkpoints, which are being randomly installed on different roads of the central and hotel zone of the city day and night to detect drivers who exceed the allowed limit of alcohol, and thus avoid road accidents caused by drunk motorists.

The “Operation Breathalyzer” officers will impound the vehicles of those who do not pass the ethyl breath measurement test and will proceed to penalize drivers. In the State of Jalisco, the penalties for people who drive while intoxicated vary according to the amount of alcohol consumed, ranging from fines of up to 18,000 pesos to between 12 and 36 hours of jail time.

At a press conference, Commissioner Luis Fernando Munoz Ortega, director of Citizen Security of Puerto Vallarta, stated that the breathalyzer operation is not surprising, it is simply preventive, which is why it will work night and day randomly throughout the city.

He invited those who will be traveling to check their vehicle mechanically, lights, tires, water levels, oil, etc; to respect road signs whose purpose is to preserve safety and save lives; to refrain from using the phone while driving, and to appoint a designated driver or take a taxi or use a use ride share platform if you plan to drink alcoholic beverages.

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