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Paco Ojeda Recycled Cans Pay Netflix Bill

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – According to El Informador, Herdez – a Mexico-based, multinational, food and beverage company best known for its line of canned vegetables – has launched a program through which you can pay your Netflix bill and obtain e-money refunds by recycling their product cans.

The program is called Por Un Mundo Más Vivo (for a more alive world) and it is detailed on their website, in Spanish, along with other environmentally-friendly initiatives.

At this time, it is unclear just how many cans one must recycle for a month of bingeing on your favorite shows, or if the cans must be Herdez cans (as in, if you remove the label and a can is a can, no?).

Apparently, the brand is deploying recycling machines throughout Mexico, but another hitch for us vallartenses, at least for the time being, is that the closest recycling machines are all located in Guadalajara’s metropolitan area (presently 10).

Regardless, it is nice to see large corporations in Mexico spearhead any initiative that helps foster better recycling and environmentally conscious habits.

A musician-turned-multimedia journalist, Paco Ojeda has been living in Puerto Vallarta since December 2001, describing the city and its surroundings through words, pictures and short videos for local, national and international publications ever since. Visit his website, Paco-Ojeda.com, for interesting news, articles, interviews, and reviews created with the approximately 35,000 US citizens and other anglophones living in Puerto Vallarta, in mind.

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