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Paws and Claws: Helping Abandoned Animals in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is home to countless animals that face dire situations, including abandonment, abuse, and neglect. Paws and Claws Puerto Vallarta, a non-profit organization committed to ensuring that dogs and cats in the Vallarta area lead a life free from the pain and suffering, gives them a chance at a brighter future.

Dog Rescuers Bring New Life

A dog living on the streets and having just given birth was brought to a Cuale spay and Neuter clinic. She had an injury to a foot that had left her without the use of her leg. Her puppies had been taken from her long before they should have been. The clinic put out a request to find a foster as the poor young dog was malnourished and needed help with her foot. Our President, Ron Harner, who has a huge soft heart, picked her up and took her home to foster her and get her leg healed.

Paws and Claws Works with Mascotas

Through our veterinary treatment costs initiative, Paws and Claws has an agreement with Mascotas to help vetted rescuers so their costs are covered. Essential veterinary care has been provided to several rescued dogs and cats, making sure they receive the care needed to become healthy and have a chance for a future happy life. One of our rescuers took four dogs to Mascotas for evaluations, medications, vaccines, and nutritious food. All four are doing great now.

Another rescuer has twice saved some newborn kittens from the Cuale Island. She’s bottle-feeding them, and they seem to be doing well. Thank goodness for people prepared to get up in the middle of the night and ensure these babies are fed. These babies can be spayed or neutered in a couple of months and ready for adoption. This same rescuer is aware of three island cats that need to have some medical care. She’s planning on capturing them and taking them to Mascotas Clinic, where Paws and Claws PV will cover all medical costs.

Shelters Need Your Support!

As most of you know, there is no specific breeding season in Puerto Vallarta – it’s endless. Shelters are constantly full and face challenges in accommodating the continuing number of deserted animals. Help us spread the word about the need to get help to shelters by donating much-needed supplies such as blankets, bedding, and cleaning supplies. Donations for food and medical care are also urgently needed. We need your help spreading the word about getting animals adopted. Be sure your friends and family know that the shelters are doing a 24/7 job of keeping these animals safe and secure until they can find furever homes

Cuale Clinics Hit a Record 412 Sterilizations Already This Year!

The Cuale Spay and Neuter Clinic has remained a major activity funded by Paws and Claws PV. It is having massive success in helping to care for street animals and rescues. Just this year alone, it has provided surgeries for 412 animals.

Controlling the pet population through spaying and neutering greatly benefits the local community. It reduces the strain on the shelters and decreases the number of stray and feral animals. Those of you who have experienced Puerto Vallarta in the past can attest to the positive impact of spay and neuter clinics in reducing the number of animals roaming the streets. But the job is far from finished!

Help Us Provide Love, Care and Protection for the Animals in Puerto Vallarta

To donate, visit PawsAndClaws.org, or contact us at PawsAndClaws(at)gmail.com. Be sure to check out our Facebook page to keep up with our activities.

Paws and Claws Puerto Vallarta is dedicated to ensuring that dogs and cats in the Puerto Vallarta area of Mexico lead a life free from the pain and suffering of abandonment and neglect. They achieve this by financially supporting the numerous small local rescuers who have a big hearts but limited financial means. Every dollar donated will be used to improve the lives of rescued cats and dogs in the Puerto Vallarta area. Together we can make a world of difference, one paw at a time.

Learn more at pawsandclawspv.org.

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