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Puerto Vallarta Food Program Expands

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico – After the first installment of the municipal food distribution program surpassed its goal of feeding 7,500 Puerto Vallarta families in the city’s most vulnerable sectors by delivering 10,000 despensas to those in need, Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña announced that he’s set a new goal.

The Mayor indicated that, thanks to the efforts of many citizens, volunteers, businessmen, city councilors and officials, the DIF System, and the state government, it is possible to positively impact 40,000 residents of Puerto Vallarta with this support program, without generating crowds and without putting the health of the population at risk.

“It has been a great challenge for all those who participated in this noble project. We are an example that, in Puerto Vallarta, difficult moments unite us and fill us with the energy we need to keep moving forward,” he said.

He informed that the Food Support program will be maintained throughout the contingency, and that in two weeks this great team will return to the streets of Puerto Vallarta to prepare, register and deliver thousands of despensas to vulnerable families who are suffering the ravages that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing in the municipality.

Since community support is essential to meeting the Mayor’s goal of providing support to 40,000 local families who might otherwise go hungry in these uncertain times, the DIF has installed collection centers in different parts of the city, where donations of non-perishable food staples, e.g. powdered milk, rice, beans, canned tuna, vegetables, etc.; basic cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products and other everyday necessities to fill the despensas to be distributed.

The collection centers are located at Ley’s grocery store in Col. 5 de Diciembre, the DIF offices on Av. Las Palmas in Col. Barrio Santa María, the Soriana supermarket in Plaza Caracol, and the American English Institute in Col. Versalles. Donations can be dropped off from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

DIF president Candelaria Tovar de Dávalos called for community solidarity with the families that currently need it the most. “It is time for Vallartenses to reconfirm that we are people with big hearts. I know that these are complicated times… we are all vulnerable, but there are those who need a little more help right now,” she said.

“We continue working to gather more resources, while taking care to follow the recommendations of prevention and healthy distance. There are many individual and collective efforts participating at this time; and all are important, but I invite all the various sectors of society to join the effort… if all the people of Vallarta can donate a little it will add up to a lot,” the Mayor added.

As for Seapal, Dávalos Peña said that during the first three days of the water program, 6,000 jugs of certified drinking water were filled at no cost, which benefitted 3,000 families, and that this support will continue to be provided every day.

Source: Puerto Vallarta Municipal Government news bulletins translated and edited by María Francesca for BanderasNews.com.

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