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Puerto Vallarta Mayor Says Pet Registration Will Be Free

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – During a City Hall session last week, in which the revenue law for fiscal year 2023 was presented, Regidora María Elena Curiel proposed the addition of a ‘pet tax,’ that would require all Puerto Vallarta pet owners to register their animals for a ‘voluntary’ fee of $75 pesos for each pet in their possession.

In general, she said, the goal is to have a single registry of pets to strengthen issues such as legal recognition, help in case of loss, accidents, mistreatment and cruelty, as well as vaccination campaigns. Also, with proof of ownership, cases of animals attacks can be more easily solved.

The proposal caused controversy in different sectors, with some political actors and everyday citizens of the municipality speaking out against these collection measures that the city council intends to impose.

Amongst them was Luis Ernesto Munguia, president of the PVEM Environment Commission, who pointed out that the city council does not know the true essence of the city, characterized by being advanced in terms of animal ownership.

In a letter of public opinion, he stressed that “we believe in adopting and not in buying; we join locals and foreigners to ensure animal welfare; We carry out health brigades for the furry ones, sterilization and adoption campaigns, and we even send four-legged companions to other countries in the world through associations that are proudly from Vallarta,” referring to street dogs that are sent for adoption to the United States and Canada.

“Despite this, and the work that dozens of people have done for the welfare of animals in Puerto Vallarta, now, in an insensitive way of collecting money, they intend to charge citizens a ‘voluntary’ fee of 75 pesos for each pet we have,” he added.

“And the rescuers? How much would associations or people who have three or more pets have to pay? In what capacity or with what right do they try to ‘plate’ the furry ones? Who advises the government in turn on this matter?”, he wrote on his social media networks.

Despite this, the proposal was approved and the charge for the pet registry was provided for in article 79 of the 2023 Income Law of the Vallarta municipality that was sent to the Jalisco Congress last Friday.

However, Professor Michel said that since his government is aware that there are institutions and individuals that currently carry out altruistic work for animal welfare, they will take the necessary steps before the Congress of the State of Jalisco to ensure that the registry of pets is not considered within the 2023 Income Law of this municipality, and that pet registration will be carried out at no cost.

This registration will be voluntary and optional and a registration certificate and an identification plate will be issued to pet owners who wish to register their pets.

Sources: Digital News QRPuerto Vallarta Municipal Government

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