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Puerto Vallarta Summer Vacation Hotspot

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – After a year hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are growing in confidence and eyeing long-awaited summer getaways to warm-weather destinations and, according to Travel Pulse’s list of Summer Hotspots, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is among the ten most popular international destinations for 2021 summer travel.

The Travel Pulse article was based on information provided by Allianz Partners, a travel insurance company that analyzed more than 985,000 flight itineraries for trips between five and eight days in length to determine the most popular destinations for international and domestic travel this summer, and among them Puerto Vallarta is establishing itself as a favorite Mexican beach vacation destination.

According to the study, tourists prefer to visit safe destinations where health and safety protocols are respected, on international flights no longer than four hours from home, which is why Puerto Vallarta remains a favorite of travelers from the West and Midwest of the United States.

Travelers from California, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon and Washington, to mention those with the greatest air connectivity, remain faithful to what this beach destination offers, to the climate, hospitality, natural attractions and the high quality of its tourist services.

Add to that the confidence that tourist have in the Safe Travels Stamp that Puerto Vallarta earned by adhering to all hygiene protocols established by the World Travels and Tourism Council (WTTC), and which are maintained at the International Airport, hotels, restaurants, shops, tour companies and businesses in general, and you’ll see why it is among the most sought-after Mexican beach getaways.

“In addition, Puerto Vallarta offers many outdoor activities that put visitors in contact with nature, without crowds and with respect to the protocols set by the Ministry of Health; therefore, the destination is a leader in the economic recovery in Mexico. With great responsibility, steps forward have been taken following all the recommendations of the Board of Health and state authorities,” said Luis Villasenor, interim director of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Promotion and Advertising Trust.

“With many U.S. citizens already fully vaccinated, and the vaccination of older adults in Mexico progressing, there is a more conducive environment for travel. And, with our beaches in optimal condition and all activities open, (albeit with a capacity limit in hotels, restaurants and activities in general to take care of the health of our visitors), Puerto Vallarta is ready to receive visitors this summer,” he emphasized.

To see the full list of the Top U.S. and International Travel Destinations for Summer 2021, visit TravelPulse.com.

BN Editor’s Note: If you decide to visit Puerto Vallarta this summer, consider supporting Mexican-owned businesses to help offset the drop in tourism that was brought on by the pandemic. And please help curb the spread of COVID-19 in our community by practicing social distancing and all other preventive measures while in public spaces.

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