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PV Mayor Inaugurates New Suspension Bridge Over the Rio Cuale

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – On Wednesday afternoon, Puerto Vallarta Mayor Professor Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez inaugurated the reconstructed pedestrian suspension bridge that connects Matamoros street and Isla del Río Cuale which collapsed, along with the vehicular bridge, after the heavy rains that followed Hurricane Nora caused the Rio Cuale to rise last year.

Before neighbors and merchants in the area represented by Sra. Leticia Alarcón; tenants of the Río Cuale Municipal Market, and Sra. Graciela Ortiz, president of the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood association, Profe Michel stressed that it is a very important bridge for residents and visitors who travel through the area daily.

He recalled that, in 1932, it was the first suspension bridge over the Cuale River to be built, (next to what would later be the first vehicular bridge, which was built in a hundred days by engineer Marcial Reséndiz with the support of the Vallarta community), and that it was demolished by the rising of the river in August 2021, after the passage of Hurricane Nora.

In a historical context about the transformation that this area has had over the years, Professor Michel endorsed the commitment to continue carrying out more public works for the benefit of the population, to the extent that City resources are available.

He took the opportunity to wish all kinds of blessings on those present and their families this holiday season, and said that “these are times to smooth things over and be close to the family.”

On behalf of the residents of the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood association, Mrs. Graciela Ortiz thanked the municipal president and the City Council for the reconstruction of this much-needed route for area residents and businesses, but above all for tourism. “It’s actually beautiful to see how you’ve worked. For myself and the community, we are forever grateful.”

After the ribbon was cut, Professor Michel and his companions toured the bridge to verify the quality of the work, which cost around 1,060,000 pesos, with Municipal Funds.

Also present at the inauguration were councilor María Elena Curiel Preciado; the general secretary of the City Council, Felipe de Jesús Rocha Reyes; and architect Carlos Arturo Morales, director of Municipal Public Works.

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