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Church of Guadalupe Dome Restoration: Progress & Plans

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Father Arturo Arana L贸pez, parish priest of Puerto Vallarta’s Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, proudly shared the good news: restoration work on the iconic dome is progressing well. Launched in January, the project tackles 16 cracks and aims to bolster the structure against humidity and tremors.

Financing this crucial initiative remains a top priority. A board of trustees, formed with dedicated parishioners and residents, spearheads fundraising efforts. Charitable events, like the recent cocktail gathering, attract not only the Catholic community but also local foreigners who recognize the church’s cultural significance. Among them are residents of Gringo Gulch, Cerro, and Centro, including generous American and Canadian expatriates. Their active participation, alongside the talents of a pianist, saxophonist, soprano, and chef, helps create a welcoming atmosphere, enhancing the fundraising experience.

Beyond cocktails, exciting plans are brewing. Look forward to a Spring dance, and if you’re interested in lending a hand, Father Arana welcomes your involvement. Remember, this isn’t just about religion; it’s about preserving a landmark deeply woven into Puerto Vallarta’s history.

The church itself boasts a rich past. Founded in 1883, it began as a humble adobe chapel. Over the decades, dedicated priests and community members fueled its growth. Notably, Father Luis Robles Corona oversaw the construction of the majestic dome in 1939, completed with the tower and crown in 1963.

Father Arana emphasizes that everyone, regardless of faith, can contribute to safeguarding this cherished piece of heritage. Join the movement! The next fundraising event takes place on March 2nd at 6:30 pm. Tickets will be available on the day of the event at the entrance on Matamoros Street, behind the church.

Come experience the magic, support the cause, and help ensure the Church of Guadalupe dome continues to grace Puerto Vallarta’s skyline for generations to come.

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