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Vallarta’s Hungry Critic Visits Vitea Oceanfront Bistro

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Whenever I’m in the mood to soak in the bustling beach atmosphere, Vitea often comes to mind. It’s the perfect vantage point for observing the rich tapestry of life: local color, entertaining performances, and a meandering mix of tourists.

Although it’s been a while since my last visit – a couple of years, in fact – I was eager to see if Vitea still maintained its high standards. As the establishment often described as the “younger sibling” to my top pick, Trio, one naturally anticipates a captivating menu at Vitea. And true to form, they do not disappoint.

The dining experience begins with a tantalizing teaser: warm rolls accompanied by two distinctive dipping sauces – a mild poblano pepper cream and a moreish roasted tomato.

Our culinary journey continued with the Calamar Frito ($215 pesos), an exquisite blend of creamy avocado and crunchy romaine, crowned with crispy calamari and enhanced by the zesty undertones of a lime ginger vinaigrette. The Roasted Cauliflower ($190 pesos) also proved irresistible with its perfect pairing of tangy goat cheese, fresh lemon, and fragrant parsley. It’s not an exaggeration to call it the best in town.

For the main course, we opted to share the Ricardo Style Red Snapper Zarandeado ($290/465 pesos). Served alongside aromatic rice and a fresh jicama cilantro mix, the fish was cooked to perfection. Delicate and flavorful, it’s noteworthy that diners can choose from two portion sizes. On this particular occasion, the smaller serving was more than adequate.

One of Vitea’s standout features is its rotating specials, ensuring that even regular patrons find something new to tantalize their taste buds. If you’re fortunate enough to spot the Pork Risotto on their menu, I highly recommend seizing the opportunity.

However, it’s worth noting that the service seems to have taken a slight dip since my last visit. Once known for their impeccable attentiveness, it felt somewhat lacking on this occasion – a sentiment echoed by others I’ve spoken to. I remain hopeful that this minor setback will soon be addressed, possibly with more hands-on managerial oversight.

The ambiance of Vitea is as compelling as its culinary offerings. Whether you choose to relax outdoors under the protective awning or prefer the cooler indoors during the summer months, you’re in for a treat. The establishment itself is a masterpiece of design, mirroring the artistry evident in their food presentations. Even if your plans only involve sipping on a glass of wine accompanied by a light appetizer, Vitea, this timeless Vallarta treasure, is worth the visit.

I give Vitea:

Libertad & Malecon 2, Centro Puerto Vallarta, Jal. 48300
Open Daily 8 AM to 10:30 PM
Phone: 322-222-8703

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