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Investing in Puerto Vallarta or Banderas Bay Area Rental Property

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – The Banderas Bay area (Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerías, La Cruz, Sayulita, etc.) is a high demand location for ex-pats from the U.S. and Canada especially. The high demand in the area derives from exceptional weather, proximity to the U.S. and Canada, an established real estate market, cost of living and the absolutely delightful culture, friendliness and welcoming nature of the resident population.

From an investment perspective, with volatile stock markets, inferior and limited preferred share income, low bond yield, poor returns on locked-in interest bearing notes and general instability of the current 1st world economy: inflation, bank failures, potential debt defaults and several other challenges, other potential investment options are certainly worth looking into.

The Mexican economy is self-reliant and protectionist, which isolates it from many of the woes currently at play in nations more heavily involved in the global economy. That fact, in combination with a lower labor cost, has made the Banderas Bay area an extremely favorable option for development.

Further, this area is extremely reliant upon tourism income so a great deal of effort and expense is focused on ensuring the pleasure and protection of foreign travelers and residents.

Due to all of these factors, and others, demand has been astronomical for real estate and vacation rentals. This bodes well in the future for investors looking for capital gain and passive income opportunities with potentially favorable taxation on income and gain upon disposition.

Written by Jim McKinnon, a real estate agent with Warren Brander Realty Group who can help you navigate your way through your property purchase in the Bucerías and the greater Puerto Vallarta area. Jim can be contacted by WhatsApp at +52-322-384-1948 or email at Jim(at)wbrealtygrouppv.com

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