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‘REARVIEW: History can look closer than it seems’ at OPC

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico – La Oficina de Proyectos Culturales, la Biblioteca Los Mangos and el Centro Universitario de la Costa have the honor of presenting the exhibition REARVIEW: History can be seen closer than it seems, which aims to show part of the history of Puerto Vallarta through cultural events of the last 104 years reflected in a timeline that is still under construction.

The exhibition seeks to highlight the evolution and ups and downs of the cultural sphere over time with periods of intense activity, as well as pauses and silences, colonial and exogenous approaches, and stages of intense production and proposals from the local.

The group of curators are: Pilar Pérez, Sayuri Sánchez, María José Zorrilla, Fernando Sánchez, Arturo Dávila, Oscar Morán, Richard Di Via, Lupita Basulto, Paola Cortés, Tania Mancha, Ireri Topete, Davis Birks, Adriana Romero Ronstadt and Moisés Hernández Lopez.

With this exhibition we hope to rescue the valuable historical and cultural past of Puerto Vallarta. Given the lack of a historical archive for the city, this exercise becomes relevant by allowing chronicles to be preserved that, we hope, will be expanded throughout the period of the exhibition. The mirror will evolve with the participation of the community, since this story cannot be told without a collective memory.

The authors participating with texts are: Dr. Edmundo Andrade Romo, Dr. Félix Fernando Baños, Mtro. Enrique Barrios, Maestra Deborah Bravo, Doctor Marco Antonio Cortés Guardado, Arturo Dávila, Richard Di Via, Alberto Fabián, Joaquín Humberto Famanía, Gustavo Fernández, Alan George, M.C. Tania Mancha, Architect Oscar Morán, Karla Moreno, Daniel Oliveros, Francisco Quezada Fernández, Lic Joao Rodríguez, Fernando Sánchez, Dra. Gabriela Scartascini Spadaro, Maestro Jorge Souza Jauffred, Gary Thompson, and Sergio Toledano.

OPC organizes an exhibition a year dedicated to Puerto Vallarta on the occasion of its anniversary (both the gallery and the city). For this exhibition we had the support of the Municipal Government of Puerto Vallarta, and PV Shares Foundation, without which this project would not have been possible. OPC would also like to thank the Barlow family and William Hobi for their continued support.

La Oficina de Proyectos Culturales (Office of Cultural Projects, or OPC) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of Contemporary Art through exhibitions, round tables, public art initiatives, and educational service programs. It was born with the desire to contribute to the reflection on the contemporary sociocultural and artistic environment, with the vocation of sharing with the inhabitants and visitors of Puerto Vallarta. OPC works with different creators such as artists, architects, curators, academics and writers who contribute to the construction of our notion of the city and contribute to the cultural panorama linked to Puerto Vallarta with a global reach.

About the participating institutions

For this exhibition, Los Mangos Library made a loan to the Office of Cultural Projects for the analysis and restoration of the Carlos Munguía Fregoso Archive, chronicler of the city, donated to the Library this same year.

Likewise, academics and researchers from the University Center of the Coast have contributed greatly to the production of complementary content and analysis that accompany the exhibition.

Closing reading of the “Poets in Puerto Vallarta” Festival

Prior to the inauguration of the Retrovisor exhibition, a poetry reading will be held at the Martha and David Haynes Educational Garden at 6:00 pm, through which the first edition of the “Poets in Puerto Vallarta” Festival will conclude. Coordinated by Jorge Souza Jauffred, Director of the Hugo Gutiérrez Vega Chair at the University of Guadalajara, through the Extension Coordination of the Centro Universitario de la Costa. The participating poets will share with the public their experience and personal relationship with Puerto Vallarta through their poetic work.

Participating in this reading: Jorge Souza, Carmen Villoro, Edmundo Andrade, Francoise Roy, Jane M. Downs, Nicté Escalante, Sayuri Sánchez and Efraín Bartolomé.

The Oficina de Proyectos Culturales is located at Juarez #598 at the corner of Aldama in downtown Puerto Vallarta. For more information visit their website or Facebook page.

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