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Piaf & More and The Art of Ragtime at The Palm Cabaret

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – ‘Piaf and More’, stars Joelle Rabu as Edith Piaf accompanied by musician/son, Nico Rhodes. Truly, this is one of the most moving performances you’ll see all season in Vallarta, Rabu has perfected her touching tribute to France’s most legendary singer, Edith Piaf. Pia and More runs for a limited engagement at The Palm on Dec 20 at 8 pm and on Dec 21 24, 26, 28 & 29 at 6 pm.

Édith Piaf (December 19, 1915 – October 10, 1963) was a French singer, lyricist and actress. Noted as France’s national chanteuse, she was one of the country’s most widely known international stars.

Piaf’s music was often autobiographical, and she specialized in chanson réaliste and torch ballads about love, loss and sorrow. Her most widely known songs include La Vie en rose (1946), Non, je ne regrette rien (1960), Hymne à l’amour (1949), Milord (1959), La Foule (1957), L’Accordéoniste (1940), and Padam, padam… (1951). (Wikipedia)

In her 30-year musical career, Joelle’s love of singing and travel has taken her around the world, performing to audiences near and far. From Nanaimo, B.C., Canada, she is once again thrilled to perform at The Palm Cabaret.

Joelle belongs to the few, who are born with a perfect voice. She absorbed the melodies that filled her home. but only started singing on her 19th birthday. Her talent was discovered in 1983, when she was selected for the role of Édith Piaf in the musical Piaf, Her Songs, Her Loves. The performance was so successful that it was repeated more than 300 times, making Joëlle a new phenomenon of Canadian art.

Joelle Rabu has held the “star singer” role in many musical shows. She’s also recorded CDs and performed concerts across Canada and the U.S. and has appeared on TV and radio programs. She recorded her album “Passport” with songs in Esperanto at the Goldrush Recording Company studio in Vancouver.

Nico Rhodes stars in The Art of Ragtime on December 27th at 8 pm at The Palm. Nico takes his audience on an intriguing musical journey through the evolution of Ragtime from classical to contemporary, featuring the rags of its best-known proponents and little-known stars.

Ragtime was an ethnic-syncretic intersection of African and European cultures that helped shape the musical landscape of popular music in North America. Taking its inspiration and unique character from the melodic and rhythmic vivacity of Afro-American folk songs and dances, it was birthed in honky tonks and brothels, the only places black musicians were allowed to play.

Ragtime’s influence can be heard in contemporary rock, blues, jazz and classical genres, despite an evolution hindered by prejudice against both the form and its performers.

One hundred and one years after Joplin’s Maple Leaf Rag was copywritten, Nico brings the music he originated back into the limelight in his fabulous show.

Make sure to see Nico Rhodes in The Art of Ragtime on Dec 27th at 8 pm and Piaf and More on Dec 20 at 8 pm and Dec 21, 25, 26, 28 & 29 at 6 pm. Both shows deliver history, tribute and drama so perfectly that you’ll be begging for more!


“One of the most outstanding performances I have had the privilege to attend in many, many years. Mother and Son have found their groove and complemented each other so well. Please return again soon! Chuu”

“Nico Rhodes’ musical ability is nothing short of stunning with breathtakingly fresh sounds and style radiating from this young musician whose hands effortlessly fly across a keyboard leaving us in utter amazement and jumping to our feet at the end of a solo!”

The Palm Cabaret and Bar is located at 508 Olas Altas in the heart of the Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone. Tickets can be purchased at the venue’s box office, which opens daily at 11:00 am, or online at ThePalmCabaret.com.

For more information call 322-222-0200, visit their website, or follow The Palm Cabaret and Bar PVR on Facebook.

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