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SETAC GLBT Community Center, Puerto Vallarta

Centro Comunitario SETAC Puerto Vallarta • Calle Aldanaca 178 #4-A, corner of Viena • Colonia Versalles   Tel: (322) 224-1974 Email: paco(at)setac.com.mx • Website: setac.com.mx

In August 2009, the SETAC Community Center officially opened in a quiet area of Old Town Puerto Vallarta to provide essential services to the GLBT community, including physical and mental health treatment and referrals, education, and recreation, in a safe and discrimination free atmosphere.

Thanks to all of the businesses and individuals who have helped us help so many, the SETAC Community Center recently moved to Calle Aldanaca 178 #4-A on the corner of Viena in the Colonia Versalles neighborhood of Puerto Vallarta.

Drop-In Center
The SETAC drop-in center is a place to be home away from home. A place to relax and read a book, talk to friends, use the Home Gym, Computers & WiFi…Need a kitchen? A shower? Help with a resume? Just ask!

For Me… For You… For Everyone
We are in many meeting places, bars, clubs & other establishments to distribute preventive devices such as condoms & lubricants to all sectors of the population, as well as brochures to help educate about the related dangers.

Positive Living
The SETAC Center supports people living with HIV through:
• Assistance with fees & laboratories not covered by Seguro Popular
• Transportation and lodging to patients who require CAPASITS
• Support with medication and/or supplements not covered by Seguro Popular

Donate Milk
Breast milk is a potential transmitter for HIV. We support infants born to mothers living with HIV by providing milk substitutes for babies for up to 2 years, or more.

On Time, There’s Time
By providing and encouraging readily available free testing, we help people living with HIV before they present symptoms, thereby reducing the spread of HIV.

S.O.S. Adherence:
Through an antiretroviral bank, we offer support to people who, for different reasons, do not receive their medication on time from health institutions. This service is also provided to foreigners who decide to extend their stay in Puerto Vallarta and do not have the necessary meds to do so.

SETAC Tomorrow… with your continued support
Our new larger location in Fluvial Vallarta will allow us to offer greater convenience and privacy to those we help, while expanding upon the services we currently provide.

Women Talking to Women
This new project aims to empower women as volunteer leaders and help them to talk with other women about HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections.

English Classes
Through ongoing business sponsorships, we plan to continue offering English classes free of charge for those who will benefit most.

Psychological Services
Limited counseling services are currently offered in a group or private setting. We hope to expand upon availability.

Walk-in Clinic
We are currently seeking business or private sponsorship to offer medical clinic services at the center. This will allow us to offer care focused on the community we serve, where otherwise awkward questions can be addressed.

For more information about the SETAC Community Center and the services offered, please visit setac.com.mx or contact Paco Arjona at (322) 224-1974 or paco(at)setac.com.mx.


SETAC Leading the Charge in Puerto Vallarta on World AIDS Day

On December 1, World AIDS Day, SETAC, a non-profit community and wellness center whose mission is to reduce HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in Puerto Vallarta and the greater Banderas Bay area, will be offering free rapid testing for HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis B & C at Parque Lazaro Cardenas from 10 am to 2 pm.

STUDS Bear Bar To Host SETAC FUNdraising Event August 24

Puerto Vallarta’s GLBT+ community center, SETAC, is working to enhance its services, with the sole mission of providing the LGBTIQ community comprehensive health and wellness services and programs. On Thursday, August 24, STUDS bar in Zona Romantica will be hosting a FUNdraiser with an exciting update on SETAC.

SETAC Unveils Exciting Developments for Vallarta’s GLBT+ Community

Puerto Vallarta's GLBT+ community center, SETAC, is making waves with a series of exciting announcements that promise to enhance its mission and services. The organization is proud to introduce a new Board of Directors and a new location in Zona Romantica that will serve as a 'Safe Space' at-risk youth and adults.

SETAC Program Will Provide PREP to up to 1,000 Participants

Almost a month after SETAC discontinued their PREP program due to lack of government funding, director Paco Arjona announced that they have reached an agreement with the Jalisco state government that will allow them to provide free PREP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) for up to 1,000 participants over the next year.

‘The Best of Kim Kuzma’ a Fundraiser for SETAC Vallarta

Vallarta's Darling Diva of Song, Kim Kuzma, returns to The Palm Cabaret this season with a monthly show benefiting local charities. Kim's second show, 'The Best of Kim Kuzma', a fundraiser for SETAC Vallarta, takes place on Monday, February 27th at 6 pm.

Casa Cupula Christmas Dinner Show Benefits SETAC & CANICA

Make plans now to come out to Casa Cupula on Thursday, December 22 for a special Christmas Dinner Show to benefit SETAC and CANICA. Come and enjoy a Christmas dinner buffet and the best DRAG talent in Puerto Vallarta from La Más Draga, while supporting two local non-profit organizations.

SETAC Commemorated World AIDS Day in Puerto Vallarta

On December 1, SETAC commemorated World AIDS Day with activities ranging from HIV detection tests and conferences to an AIDS walk. As part of the day's activities, a 10-year loan agreement was signed by municipal authorities that allows SETAC to use the booth in Lázaro Cárdenas park for health promotion and prevention.

SETAC Celebrates 13 Years of HIV Response in Vallarta

SETAC recently celebrated 13 years of responding to HIV and fighting exclusion in Puerto Vallarta, with the sole mission of providing comprehensive health and wellness services and programs, focused on the LGBTIQ community and free of stigma and discrimination.

Puerto Vallarta Mayor Authorizes Joint Work Plan with SETAC

Puerto Vallarta Mayor Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez recently held a public meeting with SETAC (Solidaridad Ed Thomas A.C.) staff, with whom he initiated a work plan to open a Sexual Diversity Office in Lázaro Cárdenas park, where there is already a permanent information booth for the LGBT Community.

SETAC Activates Monkeypox Protocol in Puerto Vallarta

Responding to the health emergency declared by the World Health Organization, the SETAC Community and Wellness Center has put into place a community protocol for monkeypox in the city of Puerto Vallarta that includes health promotion and prevention, primary care for affected patients, and confirmation of possible cases.